Groningen guard at school because of parents fighting

Gepubliceerd op 6 oktober 2016 om 14:31

Groningen public elementary Stars Stone now works with surveillance.


The reason for the measure was a brawl between two parents in the playground and in the classroom. To prevent such incidents, there recently while in and out of the school a security guard at the door, reports RTV Noord.

The gamecocks got a square- and school ban.
Children saw battle

The violence has made a deep impression on parents and children. "Definitely a school you expect that children are safe. Some students have seen people fighting," says one parent.

According to director Joyce Dekker of the Public Education Group Groningen afternoon trying School, mediating the district team and the police between both parents.
"I assume that the mediation is successful. Then the security guard at the school door is no longer necessary."

The NOS Editors: Photo: RTV Noord

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