Requirement: thirty months in prison for death shake baby Jayden

Gepubliceerd op 7 oktober 2016 om 11:56

By Brian H. today is for the court in The Hague demanded thirty months in prison for the death of shaking his five-week-old son Jayden.


The prosecutor will find that there is enough evidence that the 48-year-old father so shook his baby in January 2012, that the child died.

,, Jayden is deprived of any chance of a future, '' said the prosecutor. He kept at his sentencing for manslaughter in mind the long lapse of time since the death of the baby. This long duration was caused by invoking experts were determining whether Jayden indeed deceased by the so-called shake baby syndrome. One of the experts stated that the injuries caused the death of Jayden must be sustained at birth.

Other experts, including from the Dutch Forensic Institute, concluded that the baby died from inflicted injuries.

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