"Agent broker Saskia hit during riots Geldermalsen with truncheon '

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Broker Saskia van Kessel from Geldermalsen on the evening of the azc riots in her hometown indeed beaten by a cop with the baton.


Twice even. This enables forensic expert Selma Eikelenboom that Van Kessel at the request of the lawyer all available camera images analyzed frame by frame.

The lawyer, Esther Vroegh has based Acorn Booms findings filed a so-called Article 12 procedure at the court in Arnhem. She wants the court the prosecution instructs yet to prosecute the officer concerned. The prosecution has set itself up to now of the opinion that there are no errors made by the police.

Cerebral hemorrhage
Van Kessel (40) was on the fateful night, December 16, 2015, suffered a brain hemorrhage. This happened shortly after, near her house arrest unit bumped into which cleared a nearby café. Kessels friend was mistaken for a troublemaker and was beaten. When the broker thereon story made by one of the agents, she had a hard shove and hit back. Then they would be beaten by another agent.

Kessel himself is relieved. "I now want justice, I want to be taken seriously." The prosecution declined to comment yesterday. "It is not appropriate if an article is 12 procedure. The court is now in," said a spokeswoman.

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