Internal police investigation shows: serious dereliction of duty

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The police internal investigation done into what happened around the last fatal arrest of the 42 year old Aruban Mitch Henriquez in The Hague in June last year. According to the police is four of the five officers involved to blame serious dereliction of duty.


The role of the fifth man in the arrest is smaller. He may return to work. There is a reintegration program GRestart and looked for a suitable working environment within the police.

The internal investigation is separate from the criminal investigation into the death of Mitch Henriquez. Recently, it became clear that two of the five officers are in court to answer for the death of the Aruban.

Pending advice
A police spokesman would not comment on what constitutes a serious breach of duty of the agents consisted of. According to the definition, occurs when a police officer did not act as a good official is fitting in the circumstances.

Decide what disciplinary action still depends on the advice of the independent Advisory Committee on Disciplinary Affairs. It is expected that this will bring the end of the year from opinion.

Not resign
This morning came out that former police chief Gerard Bouman five accused officers in Mitch Henriquez case in September 2015 promised that they would not be fired.

Henriquez was arrested while intriguing Night at the Park in The Hague Zuiderpark. He joked to officers that he had a weapon and thereby hold his genitals. When he did not stop his remarks, officers decided to arrest him. In addition, they pushed him to the ground and took him include a wurgklem. Unconscious agents worked him into a van, instead they called an ambulance. Then they drove towards the police station. Only then medical help was called in.

By Editors AD: Photo: ANP / Mitch Henriquez.

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