Disco girl can not because of weight

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Her twentieth birthday? Which would Bobbi Jo Goldsmith last Friday to celebrate along with nine friends in Libertine, a trendy nightclub in London. Unfortunately it turned out differently: the group was picked out of the line and asked to propelling up because they were too thick ,, ''.


Not the right look
,, Apparently it was a long Frenchwoman who decided that the girls did not have the right look, '' sounds in the Facebook post. ,, When they asked what was wrong exactly, they were told that they were too big and not clever enough for the 'image' of the discotheque. This should not simply be accepted this is for discrimination. No wonder that nowadays young girls have such complexes. Libertine, you should be ashamed. ''

That Bobbi Jo and Deborah have struck a chord, evidenced by the hundreds of reactions that they have since been received. ,, What a petty people that there? She looks great, '' sounds among others. Or ,, What's wrong with the world today? That girl has a murder body, I would just use her to lure more people to my dancing. ''

'Not our actions'
The bosses of Libertine have now responded. They wave the accusations and claim that the group had not booked in advance. ,, It is true that sometimes we are full and people have to dismiss. During that night we had over five hundred visitors and we had to disappoint 119 potential customers.

Permanent members and people who are on the list, while obviously a priority. That happens everywhere. But we will never reject someone on the basis of appearance or curvier. ''

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