Terminal mother hard to find abducted son

Gepubliceerd op 8 oktober 2016 om 17:36

For thirty years she has been searching for her son, Bernice Abeyta from Colorado. The boy was kidnapped from his crib as a newborn, but meanwhile Christopher's been thirty years.


His mother is now 73 and probably has not long to live, she has a tumor in her gall bladder.

"Of course, want him back," the woman tells ABC News. "I have always been very positive. Even though it's thirty years ago, I'm sure it will happen. I guess that I always kept on going, I'm trying to find him. Forget him really is no option. "

Woman tries the boy to identify with her thoughts: "I try to move my thoughts to him and I say," Okay Christopher, perhaps it is time you will find us. " It is for him probably easier to find us than vice versa. "

By Editors Metro News Photo: Bernice Abeyta

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