Manhunt German police: this man is wanted

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German police since Saturday morning looking for a 22-year-old man who came to Germany as a Syrian, because who would want to commit a bombing.


This requires hours of a part of a neighborhood in the city of Chemnitz in eastern Germany, vacated and sold. Special forces have combed the neighborhood.

The police issued a search notice of the man. According to police, the man has the same sweater as in the picture, with a hood and a striking imprint. According to the German magazine Focus thinks the police that the man Jaber Albakr, wanted to carry out an attack on a German city. That information was last night entered.

arrested three people on treintstation Chemnitz that would know Albakr. Self is the terror suspect not among those arrested, reports Spiegel.

Meanwhile, the district which was searched for hours, again released. The residents allowed to return to their homes slowly, the suspect is probably no longer present in the flats.

When the flats heard an explosion. That would be a "controlled explosion" of the police, that a door of one of the apartments is inflated. In the apartment, no one was found, but there are detected explosives. Then the search has intensified.
Heavily armed

Several residents tell the local paper MDR Sachsen that's stood morning heavily armed officers at their door who asked them to leave the building. They were driven away in buses from the area.

The police want to say anything about the action, and calls on people in the fenced area not evacuated to stay indoors.
It also asked residents to film or photograph any of the action.

By Editors Metro News Photo: Police of the German state of Saxony

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