Police savage behavior to bystanders in fatal accidents

Gepubliceerd op 9 oktober 2016 om 10:29

The police complains about the antisocial behavior of bystanders in fatal accidents. By providing two incidents within 24 hours the police were busier than bystanders to help.


Last night it went wrong in the Olst. A train rammed a car there, where the motorist was killed. According to police people were trying to get through the bushes near the car to take pictures and reacted strangely when agents there said something.

Shame there telling the police via Twitter.

Also in Nijmegen
Today something similar happened in Nijmegen. A motorcyclist that was killed in a unilateral accident. Police also are affected bystanders. Agents were impeded when they wanted to help.

Facebook requires the police were mothers with children in the way because they wanted to take pictures with their mobile phones. Two women helped just get kudos.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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