Oops! Boys demolish wrong car

Gepubliceerd op 10 oktober 2016 om 13:01

Mistake, thank you, a group of young people must have thought from the North Holland Nieuwe Niedorp.


It's a joke that just about as old as the car itself: you are driving or pushing a car on four crates, and this is not so easy to get more out without demolishing a jack either without him. Who really good to take revenge, then take the wheels also take home. But then you have to have a good car.

That appeared in New Niedorp not the case. The group wanted revenge after an assault is unknown who it was and how it was related to the group. But they took the wrong car construction. One of the neighbors of the alleged perpetrator, this weekend was not as good away with his or her car. What has been the victim is unknown.

It happens often, as in this Twitterer 2015.

By Editors Metro News Photo: Colourbox

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