What is the Dutch navy to do in Haiti?

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The Dutch navy is on its way to Haiti with two ships to provide assistance. The country was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew - hundreds of people were killed, and there is now a shortage of food and drink. Moreover, there has been an outbreak of cholera. What can the Dutch navy?


At this time, the Zr. Ms. Holland en route to Haiti. On board are relief supplies, food and water, and of course staff.

The military will take the first emergency itself - specialized organizations that take over responsibility later. The navy ship also aid workers from the Red Cross board, and medical personnel of defense. Later the Zr. Ms. Pelican with additional supplies and people.

The Dutch navy will provide in addition to the first relief, also take on typical defense tasks. In this way, the road is paved for other organizations, which will further help to provide the country.

There are specialists who will assess the damage to the waterways and ports. An important task, because the storm is much damaged and ships carrying aid not just to moor. The specialists will determine where and how it can still happen.

Also is there a team "engineers" of the army with. Engineers are specialized in, for example the building of bridges and freedom to lay access roads so that relief can be quickly spread throughout the country. There are brought special equipment to debris-free roads and houses. Soldiers take shelter boxes along - a suitcase containing family tents and basic equipment such as food and tools.

Haiti has been hit hard in 2010 by an earthquake. The country had recovered slightly from there - tens of thousands of people still living in tents or other temporary housing. Who were especially vulnerable to the hurricane, which regained many people homeless. An estimated 1.4 million Haitians definitely need help.

In 2010, the Navy awarded even help. When the soldiers were confronted with chaotic situations; The help was so badly that there was considerably reduced when food was distributed. That led to dangerous situations:

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