SP: Rent social housing 400 euro down

Gepubliceerd op 11 oktober 2016 om 10:29

The SP is structurally with 400 euros reduce the rent for social housing. This is contained in its election manifesto launched today.


The Party of Emile Roemer intends to use the proceeds of the property tax to pay for the measure. Furthermore, the SP wants to invest in construction and insulation of social housing.

Opting for tenants
,, Everyone deserves an affordable roof over his head. But caused an explosion rent six years VVD policy. Rents rose by 28 percent over the past six years. We break with this course and opt for the tenants, "said Roemer.

The SP wants this week in dealing with the budget minister Stef Blok (Housing) has submitted a proposal to reduce the rents of social housing next year with 200 euros.

The party has previously indicated that the election is over ,, stimulate and invest '. The SP wants Dutch get to spend more. ,, With higher wages and up to 10 percent higher AOW Netherlands received a much needed boost for employment and prosperity, '' says Roemer. His party proposes to increase the minimum wage by 10 percent.

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