Turk does not feel heard in Netherlands

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The Lower House struggles with the integration of Turkish Dutch. Help Turkish-Dutch organizations Diyanet that now at or about the long arm of Ankara in the way?


Ayhan Tonca pulls his phone out of his pocket. ,, Calling Erdogan. I need some of the member tell him, '' quips of Diyanet, here called Islamic Foundation Netherlands. The organization has 145 mosques imams are paid and controlled by the Turkish state. Still, we have to look for anything behind, says tonca. ,, As if all our imams are pawns in Turkey. ''

The Lower House yesterday tried to grasp "the long arm of Ankara 'by inviting fourteen different Turkish-Dutch organizations. Pretty much all denominations are represented: from minorities like Alevis, Kurds and Armenians to Milli Gorus and the Grey Wolves. For practical reasons, chose the room where people normally be heard under oath. It feels different guests as an interrogation.

The arrangement - opposite each other - draws the relationship between politics and the Turkish-Dutch organizations. For years they were considered important interlocutor of the government, but in recent years has increased mutual distrust. Minister Lodewijk Asscher (Integration) she tries to force with strong, confrontational language to stand the Dutch norms and values. He demanded recently that they were in favor of the rule of law, otherwise he refused to go with them to the table.

In turn several Turkish clubs speak the concern that they are not treated as full citizens. ,, I can all Turkish MPs just call and then they take the phone. By Dutch MPs am I so often shown the door. People feel heard more in Turkey than in the Netherlands, 'says Vice President Ertugul Gökçekuyu of the Islamic University in Rotterdam. The Chamber wants to close this institution because of controversial statements by the rector.

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