Ukraine Treaty: Rutte in splits by Brexit

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The Brexit is the true reason that Prime Minister Mark Rutte still not the treaty with Ukraine has swept aside. He therefore seeks to devise a way out through a 'light version', but do not count on help from the opposition does Rutte in parliament.


With only 21 days, Prime Minister Rutte becomes increasingly pressed for time. No later than November 1 wants parliament really even know what he is going to do exactly with the outcome of the referendum on Ukraine. By the 'no' to the association agreement with Ukraine, Rutte threatens to cause considerable loss of face for the other countries in the EU. The Convention was already partially in force, but must be closed again largely as the country pulls out.

More than impending loss of face, Rutte denounces the difficult negotiating position in which he has landed, knowing insiders. The discussions on what to do with the treaty with Ukraine usually run through the negotiations that the EU is currently engaging with the United Kingdom over the Brexit. Especially Germany is certain: the British need as rapidly as possible from the EU and that without a good deal which they keep for instance trade advantages. Merkel fears that Brexit otherwise a blueprint for other countries that want out of the EU.

Soft fracture
Rutte knows that a hard separation for our economy is detrimental. More than for other EU countries, because the Netherlands is driving a lot of trade with Britain. The prime minister therefore seeks to recruit support for a softer break but while the result of the referendum Ukraine is a stumbling block.

The prime minister realizes that it was impossible for countries behind getting a friendly Brexit, as he once the deal with Ukraine to the EU ruining ashamed to say that the treaty table should the 'no' vote from their own country . Rutte therefore takes the bargain that opponents now 180 days, almost begging after the referendum to implement the 'no'.

Emergency exit
From this predicament Rutte looking desperate an emergency exit. Reason yesterday morning CDA, SGP, Christian Union, GroenLinks and D66 on to wrists Turret on support for a compromise. The prime minister will still continue for example with the convention, but with an addition stating that it will not lead to EU membership for Ukraine.

Yet the benevolent opposition parties even want to give him any support this time. It is above all the question of whether Rutte still has in its own hands the negotiations. Part of the agreement with Ukraine, particularly the trade part, has entered into force.

EU only
Moreover, still largely forced to join the other EU countries, the Netherlands, through a substantial portion of the treaty to enter into force through an EU-only variant. In that case, forcing a majority of countries to the rest (read: Netherlands) to further cooperation, to the extent possible via European legislation.

Rutte in that case still much to explain all the opponents in our country.

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