Koos Spee: Immigrants do themselves to ethnic profiling

Gepubliceerd op 11 oktober 2016 om 12:29

Koos Spee, former traffic prosecutor and publish the SBS6 program Wayabusers, finds that immigrant drivers often do themselves to ethnic profiling.


Previously, it happened even though people with different skin color, without them wanting lumped themselves immediately felt discriminated against when they insisted and that is obviously still true, '' said Spee as explanation of some tweets he posted yesterday .

With some spirited tweets Spee yesterday responded to the report by consultancy Twijnstra and Gudde, which concluded that agents indeed motorists to maintain the basis of their origin. Agents also found that it's part of their job.

Spee has disturbed that report and did not show a few tweets: "As a police officer I checked (70) many drivers. Natives gave called their papers and immigrants 'probably because I'm black.' "

Also cited Spee 'his' program Wegmisbruikers to: "Look what drivers in the program have the biggest mouth in the police ... or is that ethnic profiling?"

Spee explains: ,, Where I is worse that such a report Twijnstra and Gudde police put forth in a bad light. What happens is nothing new under the sun. Previously, it happened that people with different skin color, without them lumped together, feeling immediately discriminated against when they insisted. And that's apparently still the case. ''

Short fuse
There will be quite an incident in which his agents 'ethnic profiling', like someone standing on the basis of descent, Spee said. ,, But Wegmisbruikers see still too often that people who are of immigrant origin, immediately look in the corner of discrimination. Those people certainly have a shorter fuse or something. What I am saying is that this type of men are often themselves ethnic profiling by shouting "it's probably because I'm black," or "because I am a foreigner." They think straight when they checked it has something to do with their origin or skin color. ''

But immigrants already called in the 70s that they "are held because they are black", nevertheless indicates precisely that the police discriminate years?

,, John, 'says Spee, ,, used to be your agent as often busy with other things during the day and evening and at night you had some more time to agree to hold a car used to see if everything is in order . Then you really can not see in the dark that Antillean or so behind wheel. But then immediately call "especially because I'm black." Those people also call it as equal. While if we persisted when someone from Schilderswijk, which really is not called, "probably because I come from the Schilderswijk ''.

Pecking agents are not unconsciously more often immigrants from?

Spee: ,, It may be that officers look unconsciously descent. We all do something unconsciously. But it is now necessary to make such a fuss about it? I would compare it almost to the Black Piet discussion. There such a fuss is also made. I think, people normally do, if you are stopped and you have not done anything, just give your driving license. '

,, There are people who think we cut deliberately in the shooting Wegmisbruikers to get into a lot of immigrants. John, we're lucky if we have run enough after two days to make a nice item. We really do not cut "is that English or not." It all seems to be looking for trouble. I just want to divide the ethnic profiling of both parties: the police and the people kept standing ''.

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