Riona (10): Scary Clowns sat with knife and saw behind us

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They played tag. And slid down the slide. Until yesterday afternoon suddenly two scary clowns stood for their noses. One had a knife in his hand, the other one saw. Gino (8) and Riona (10) from Almere savage scared and dare no longer go out alone.


The children were playing in a playground behind their home when the laughing clowns came on to the square. ,, The one had green hair, blood on his lips and blood on his knife. The other orange hair and blood on his saw, '' the startled Riona said a day later in her house on Perry Street in Almere.

The two shouted that they had to leave. ,, And if we did not think he would run after us, '' she says. Riona and the other children in the playground put it on a walk. ,, But there was one for me and one behind me. When I said I'd kick him. ''


Eventually, the children flee at a friend on the square inside and call a parent to the police. Near instantly creates a huge manhunt for the clowns. Some residents jumping himself into the car and trying to find the 'jokers'. The police has massively in the district and distributed through Burgernet a description of the clowns, but they are not gevonden.De fear is one day later well with parents. parents in the schoolyard of the nearby elementary school, the triptych nowhere else. ,, A horror clown and also the Striphelden neighborhood. Yeah, funny joke, '' thought occupant Sabrina Bogers purchased yesterday when she first heard of the clown. ,, We did it first with my partner still good laugh. It seems the movie It. ''

But if it appears that it is serious about the police shooting case high, beats at her too far fright. ,, Very sick this. My daughter nine years old should always bicycles to school, but I've brought her now and take her this afternoon again. ''

Did not sleep well
Children from the primary school Triptych found almost nowhere else on show at recess in the schoolyard as a boy accosts the teacher. He says his father will protect him from the clowns, because he has a very high platform. ,, This kind of stories we now learn, '' says the kindergarten teacher. The school tries as much as possible to remain calm and reassure children. But Gino and Riona is still difficult to accept. ,, I slept very poorly and do not dare to play alone in the playground. Only if there are young children, '' ze.Rechercheurs says police have launched an investigation to go to who is hidden behind the clowns.

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