Samsung completely stop incendiary Galaxy Note 7

Gepubliceerd op 11 oktober 2016 om 14:30

Samsung finally stop with the Galaxy Note 7, reports the South Korean electronics manufacturer. Both sales and production is fully stop put worldwide.


The manufacturer has advised users as before to turn off the phone and do not take into use. Shortly after the launch of the Note 7 emerged stories of copies flew spontaneous fire or exploded. Several people were injured. Samsung decided to exchange millions of devices, but also proved to be a fire hazard.

Yesterday, Samsung already announced removing it from the market and not to provide newer products to customers who wanted to exchange their old Galaxy Note 7 for a copy with a new battery. Samsung said in a statement that "the safety of customers' is their highest priority and that an investigation into the devices.

The launch in the Netherlands has already been called off because of the possible dangers to the device. The launch would still take place this week, but that is now the job.

Stock market crash
The news of the ban on sales yesterday hit hard the manufacturer at the fair in South Korea. Samsung plummeted by nearly seven percent. Possibly the company falls by the announcement of the production stop further.

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