Get parents more to say about the care plan?

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The truss is whether parents have a greater say over the care of their children at school. The Lower House decided today on a law that regulates adjustment that parents always have to agree to a plan of care.



Parents' associations and politicians have persistent complaints from parents who have nothing to say about the extra help getting their children in school. In some cases they even get there by coincidence that their child receives additional support, such as it is dyslexic or have difficulty concentrating.

Before the introduction of appropriate education two years ago, where as many children as possible to come to mainstream schools with special needs, parents were themselves the money which they could get help for their children. Since education is appropriate that amount directly to the school. ,, The position of parents is very weak, '' observes D66 MP Paul van Meenen.

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For years parents' fight for a greater voice for parents. ,, It is inconceivable that the leg of a child is put without parental permission controls, '' Joli Luijckx compares, spokesman for parents' association Balance. Parents must be aware of the care given to their children, find balance.

Several political parties filed three years ago a motion to regulate mandatory approval of parents. Today the House is debating the bill that rolled from there. ,, I think that 5 to 10 percent of children receive extra care. It happens very often that parents about totally get any information. Schools are afraid of parents who set high requirements', says PvdA Loes Ypma. Or parents have more control depends on the SP. With D66, PvdA, GroenLinks and CDA in the yes-camp, there is no majority in parliament.

Primary and secondary schools act against the mandatory approval of parents. They fear that some children all the way to get anything extra, because the parents agree with anything. Sector Councils primary and secondary schools found that schools have enough knowledge to every child to get the right help.

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