Commission 'diesel Gate' comes to The Hague

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Virtually all car brands have unimpeded for years sjoemeldiesels put on the road. To prevent this continues to happen, Europe needs a rigorous monitoring role.


Kathleen Van Brempt and Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, chairman and rapporteur of the committee of inquiry "Diesel Gate today bring interim report to the House. MEPs who figure out how 29 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on European roads is far from meeting the emissions standards come next spring with their final report.

Bodies which were approved models, have done nothing as they realized that cars on the road were many times dirtier than the laboratory test. It is also obvious that member states protect their own industry.

This week heard the responsible committee from Italy who did nothing with their own conclusion that a particular model Fiat banished six times more than allowed in a test in Germany even 22 times more. Yesterday revealed that the Dutch RDW did not feel responsible for the final approval of the Opel Zafira, whose emissions were tested by a German inspection agency.

NOx emissions
According Gerbrandy must retrieve the bodies models that do not meet the road. ,, They are the only one who can. "Nothing doing he calls criminal.

Dirty air in urban areas, partly due to the high NOx emissions from diesel engines, according to European studies leading to about 72,000 premature deaths each year.

The inquiry still needs heavy pressure to get policy makers to Brussels. After the former German Industry Commissioner Verheugen nevertheless came after three refusals, succumbed last week, the French environment minister Ségolène Royal. "Her 'Renault is also in the front of the dock.

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