OM explores contract between Panorama and No Surrender

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The Public Prosecutor (OM) is a criminal investigation began into a contract in which the editor of French weekly magazine Panorama Lomans declares no (negative) publicity to pay more for motorcycle No Surrender.


The prosecution is investigating whether there is crime and thinking of threats or extortion, said a spokeswoman after reports of NRC.

According to the newspaper forced the top of the motorcycle with threats and a contract Panorama in 2014 to refrain from publications on the motorcycle. Two leaders of No Surrender chief French Lomans left against his will sign a contract stating that reporter Mylene de la Haye was not allowed to publish more about the motorcycle club, writes the NRC.

No declaration
Investigators recently talked to Lomans about the incident but the editor did not return. The statement was signed by Lomans and two members of No Surrender acting on behalf of founder Klaas Otto, who incidentally contract over a year ago put on his Facebook. Panorama risks under the contract, a fine of 5,000 euros if the agreements are not respected.

The threat of Panorama does not stand alone. The court tomorrow to discuss the progress of a criminal investigation into Klaas Otto, the founder and former leader of No Surrender. He's since July of this year on suspicion of money laundering and abuse and extortion of car dealers from Brabant.

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