Father puts son reaction to death mother on Facebook

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A heartbreaking video which shows how an 8-year old boy collapses when he learns that his mother is deceased of a heroin overdose causes a lot of commotion on social media. The father says he has put on Internet addicts to hold a mirror, but others react angrily to the fact that he disclose sensitive moment.

Naamloos-3698.pngThe video shows the moment when Brenden Bickerstaff-Clark from the US site Youngstown (Ohio), himself a former addict and the father of the child, the bad news tells his son.

The boy burst into tears and then comforted by the people around him. Bickerstaff Clark says in the text accompanying the video that he posted the video for all drug addicts with children. ,, I let this record so that addicts can show children how serious this epidemic. Let this disease does not cause someone should tell your child that you are deceased by the drugs. Search Please help so that our children do not have to suffer. "

The video has been viewed over 22 million times and shared more than 575,000 times. The reactions are divided. Many people react negatively to the message of Bickerstaff-Clark. ,, Why would you want to take this? This is probably the most horrible moment in the life of that child. That should not want to put you on Facebook, "says David Lay and Tobye Henderson. Henderson also suggests that the father does this for attention.

But there are also many people who join Bickerstaff-Clark. ,, This is exactly why I'm almost four years ago detoxed. I realized that I was going underneath and my son and daughter were terribly beaten, "said Hollie Eskine. Troy Griesbrecht says he recently lost his son to a drug addiction and that he had to tell his wife, brother and friends. ,, Here in Canada die tens of thousands of children each year with these problems because they do not get help in kicking the habit. To all non-addicts: fighting for more rehab centers. We can ensure that changes the situation. "

By Editors AD: Photo: Bickerstaff Clark

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