Chief Constable does return against former president or police

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Chief Constable Erik Akerboom pressed charges against the former chairman of the works council of the police, Frank Giltay. The police chief did so after results of an exploratory study.


When expenditure of the Central Works Council (CWC) and its former chairman ,, are irregularities in the accounting of these expenditures '' pole explains.

According to the police boss is next to the former president also an entrepreneur services provided to the works council, suspect in this case. The exploratory research is according to police in the final phase.

The internal investigation against Giltay just still working as an internal investigation to another police officer. These internal investigations have emerged from the exploratory research.

Candy Trips
There are large questioned spending by the Central Works Council. Which would be exorbitant. Reportedly, there is a lot of money spent on outings, dinners and other unjustifiable activities.

Earlier this newspaper wrote how former police officer Frank Giltay behaved as the "Sun King" of the works of the police. He traveled early May to Curaçao where he enjoyed ten days of sun, sea and sand. At the expense of the taxpayer. The COR budget, annually one million, were hunted under his direction at breakneck speed through it.

The tropics trip was the last straw for COR colleagues in the Netherlands. They sound the alarm, and the police force management intervenes on 8 June. That day, pole announced that the Department of Safety, Integrity and Police Complaints will review the Works

Giltay traveled in June from his position as Chairman of the Board entrepreneurs down. Boom gave in July contract for the internal investigation. The other members of the executive committee of the board are all temporarily resigned.

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