Twente startled by van with 'scary clowns'

Gepubliceerd op 12 oktober 2016 om 16:26

There would be a van last night around half past eight in the Twente Borne drove around with it people who, dressed as clowns, others hunt wits. That notify residents in the city in a WhatsApp group.


The group includes 94 people who have received the warning. ,, Three clowns in a gray Volkswagen van would have scared a boy and a girl of eleven years rotting at the height of the intersection Azelosestraat / Stationsstraat. The children would have fled to the house where the boy lives.

The girl was on the bike, the boy on a hoverboard. ,, Idiots ", called a mother three clowns who pursued her eleven year old daughter and a friend of the same age, Tuesday night and left quite scare.

,, The van chased them from where the clowns began to shout, "the woman's outlines. ,, They then fled to the home of the boyfriend of my daughter. They are rotten startled. My daughter is now still impressed. Of course they are worried that Wednesday's happening again. "

,, She remembered that it was a gray Volkswagen van. The badge has not seen them. There they are too much for startled.

"The Bornse informed the police immediately and then contacted Anne-Jelmer Drent, Born Watch administrator buurtapp. ,, You hopes to warn people." Drent put it directly into the various neighborhood and apps on Facebook. ,, It turns out that people do in fact stand in the windows, it helps. "The mother does not want to mention her name, afraid that she is that soon three evil clowns in front of her door.

The police are the 'killer clowns' fed up. ,, Adolescent and above all died, '' the police are calling the phenomenon that has come over from include the US and Australia. In a press release denouncing the unity eastern Netherlands on 'loser clowns' that must be addressed by educators, schools and friends. ,, We do not know whether everyone realizes that, but if a declaration is made, the 'joke' lead to a real police investigation with all possible consequences. "

The message stands prominently on the police website. In it, the media pointed out ,, the tension lies in the attention paid to this. ' ,, About attention on TV, radio, social media and newspapers can boast these types. ''

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Theorem of the day: the police overreacting with its call to report against those so-called ' scary clowns '


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