Prosecution calls for 14 years in murder Nicole van den Hurk

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After 21 years, the end is in sight of the long drawn out court case concerning the death of the murdered Nicole van den Hurk in 1995. The Prosecution demands 14 years at Jos de G., who is suspected of killing and raping the victim. He does not get TBS imposed because there is not a higher level of risk.


The 671 days Jos G. was already in custody, will be deducted from the prison. The age of the case may according to the OM be no reason for a reduced sentence. ,, We consider this defendant as a dangerous man. ''

The judge began the session by discussing the results of the further investigation it found DNA. The NFI and researchers in New Zealand believe that at one of the tracks the 188 trillion times more likely that found traces of a boyfriend or Jos G, then an unknown.

Brother Tommy made around 9:45 pm using his right to speak and focuses his dialogue on the suspect: brought ,, here is the man who raped my sister and killed. An innocent should not be silent, but speak. " Between Tommy and the accused are two empty chairs. He speaks to him directly at: ,, I have seen little that you have nothing to hide. You relies on your right to remain silent or let your lawyer talk. ''

The step-brother of the deceased teen insisted on hospital order with compulsory treatment.

Around 11:00 it was the turn of the prosecution to speak about the case. Among others, are discussed, the technical results of the three DNA studies. The OM is the DNA that was found to be sure on the body of Nicole of the suspect.

Nicole himself is described as a "nice young teenager" who had a lot of attention to boys. Several guys ,, she called her boyfriend. However, hardly anyone had sex with her. With three boys she actually went to bed. ''

Consensual sex
On the coat of Nicole was also found pubic hair. According to the public is that of G. De originated. The prosecutor stressed that it is not about consensual sex: ,, or the hair would have fallen from the jacket. ' Nicole also would have had no time for such a relationship. At the time of her disappearance she namely had a job and they regularly went to friends, aunt, grandmother or sideline.

After a brief recess was the prosecutor further on the earlier statements of Jos G .: ,, sex was like shopping for me, '' and, every step evening ended with sex. " The prosecution believes that the rape of Nicole van den Hurk has been proven on October 6, 1995. The Ministry will now turn to the second indictment: manslaughter.

The 15-year-old Nicole was probably killed by a stab, says the prosecutor. This makes them died within ten seconds of internal bleeding. But it is proved that probably never said the prosecutor.

The sentencing is announced a year later than expected. That's because just before the publication of the previous sentence demanded two new witnesses came forward. The pair had accused Jos G. seated in a TBS clinic. That would have the G. said that he had brought a girl to life. Justice think it was about Nicole. In the past year, a closer examination of the statements of the two witnesses. The prosecution announced today during the session that are not included those statements.

The 15-year-old Nicole van den Hurk disappeared on October 6, 1995 when she was on her way to bike from her grandmother for a job in a supermarket. Nearly two months later, she was murdered and raped were found in the woods between Mierlo and Lierop.

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