Girl from Breda assaulted by boy with horror mask

Gepubliceerd op 12 oktober 2016 om 17:03

A sixteen year old girl from Breda Sunday in her hometown assaulted by a boy with a mask with red cheeks. It was in her a mask from the movie Saw, said her report to the police.


The girl came forward Monday to the police. She told them a day earlier at a viaduct was harassed by a boy who was wearing a mask from the horror movie Saw. The offender would then after the viaduct on the girl have jumped.

The victim also told the police two weeks earlier in the same place already to be hassled when a group of five boys aged about 12 years. The boys blocked the road and one of them pinched the girl on immoral manner. In her view it toned guys.

Both incidents took place around 18:00. The second time the girl was so startled that she decided to report, a police officer said today.

Horror Clowns
The Breda have not been reported yet region came about so-called "horror clowns' people hunt the wits and the local police also do not believe in a trend. ,, The scare people is something different from what they feel. ''

By Editors AD: Photo: Mask with Billy, a doll from the horror film series Saw. © PR

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