Dying assistance 'completed life', should that be?

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Ministers Edith Schippers and Ard van der Steur have submitted a bill on behalf of the government that it should make it possible to allow elderly people assisted suicide when they feel that their life "completed" is.

To shape the new law they engage with HMOs and physicians. After we explained the story, we ask under the piece to you: what do you think there actually?

A complete life, what does that mean? It is according to the Cabinet to people who unbearable and hopeless suffering ', but which do not suffer from physical health problems. They respond with their letter on the report Completed Life committee Schnabel. Herein Paul Schnabel D66 has the people with a desire to die, who also have medical problems. This ensures that they are in most cases not all would be eligible for euthanasia. Because the remaining cases would constitute a small group, according to Schnabel does not require a legislative amendment.

No medical complaints

According to the government this is not true, because there are people who consider their lives "completed" and have a death wish, but experienced no medical complaints. This call Schippers and Van der Steur 'suffering due to the loss of a partner and loved ones, loss of meaningful contacts, fatigue and apathy "as examples. There is fierce opposition from some at this point, because actually were elderly people with these feelings or complaints should be helped rather a different way.

The subject is very sensitive and therefore are doing thorough research and setting strict requirements necessary. The government calls "voluntary, well-considered and care 'as the starting point of the bill. While his careful review and guidance of a dying social worker - who has completed a medical history and a continuing - is necessary. Also an independent third person should be closely involved in the process.

Supporters and opponents

The major proponents of the bill within the policy to expand its euthanasia law, the VVD, D66 and GroenLinks. The Christian Union and SGP are dead set against. The SP is not necessarily for, as Lilian Marijnissen said the proposal worrying.

Twitter broke the course of the opinions anyway. Where a applauds the proposal mentions another the chilling and yet another wondered whether Schippers this would distract media attention from the controversy surrounding her husband Brad Sander.

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Theorem of the Day: Dying assistance 'completed life', should that be?


Yes it should be under strict conditions http://bit.ly/2dy2IIt
No, I am against life termination http://bit.ly/2dy3Zzs
I do not know what to think of it http://bit.ly/2dy2sJx


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