Willemijn by thrombosis in one fell swoop chronically ill

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Willemijn (21) was active and healthy, but a chronically ill by fate.


To thrombosis draw attention to the dangers and creating awareness of this disease, the World Thursday Thrombosis Day. It must be that 60 percent of the cases, thrombosis occurs during hospitalization and a blood clot in a vein can happen to young people. The latter category belongs Willemijn, a medical student from Rotterdam. An impressive monologue.

For old people

"It was in March this year, I was 20 and suddenly I had a thrombosis. I knew the disease through my studies, but still had the idea that it only belonged to old people with stockings. It started with long sitting during an examination, I got a vague back pain. Two nights after, I could not able to sleep from the pain in my groin and anything above it.

I had a mandatory college and went with tears in my eyes to class. Besides the enormous pain was my appetite disappeared. I was taught by a doctor and I'm he did go to the doctor. Who thought it "was something from a back muscle" and sent me with painkillers home. Again I lay awake and crying because my parents did not trust it, we went to a GP. "

"Thought was appendicitis and they gave them morphine. Good stuff indeed, but then, after an hour the pain was worse. I arrived at the emergency room, where after many inquiries came the results: a large blood clot in the vein between my navel and my knee, leg thrombosis. I was treated with blood thinners and had to stay in hospital for two weeks. "

Savior Joris

"There I was, but something was not right according to my tennis buddy George, who also has an understanding of medicine. Such a large gag had to be surgically removed, according to him. However, the hospital sent me quite quickly in a wheelchair at home. The next day I would get a second opinion in Rotterdam, but before that check I got into stabbing the heart. I was scared and the next blow was there: multiple blood clots in the veins in my lungs, or pulmonary embolism. It turned out that the first hospital - I do not want to mention - they may have already seen in lung pictures. I had rushed to the high care and underwent surgery. There was placed including a filter, so new clots could no longer shoot at my lungs. "

"For three days I had to lie silent under medication. Again and again was the bad news, now that the veins did not open again so I was angioplasty. I felt like a pathetic old woman, psychologically it was tough. Friends I did not see because I smelled, looked pale and had lost weight. They came from himself and that was fine.
When a man of 70, who had the same as me, crying next to me, I knew I was not appointed me. "

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