Parents lose third child in a row by car accident

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2016 om 11:49

After being eighteen years and ten years ago, had to say goodbye to their son and daughter Bram Joke, parents Willy and Kris were this week lost their daughter Lotte. The 26-year-old Flemish had a car accident and died in hospital from her injuries.


"What exactly happened, we do not know yet," says brother Sander to Het Laatste Nieuws. Lotte Ceuppens would of control have lost, like her brother and sister years ago. The fire took her from the wreck of the car, which was lying in a ditch beside the road on its head.

The death of Lotte to put it mildly a terrible blow to the parents. "This is the third child I lost. I really do not know how far my strength yet reached, "said mother Kris in a reaction to the latest news.

She and her husband Willy put nine children into the world. Bram son died in 1998 at the age of nineteen after he drove up against a wall with the car. Their daughter Joke was 21 years old when she fell into a coma after a car accident. After eight months she died yet.

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