Rotterdam is too strict for aggressive types'

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2016 om 11:41

Rotterdam occurs too hard against people who behave aggressively against an official.



So says the municipal ombudsman Anne Mieke Zwaneveld. The so-called aggression protocol of the municipality is in its 'improper'. In particular the suspension of service with an aggressive incident would go too far.

"The current protocol is based on the Working Conditions Act, which means it may not appeal or objection to this measure. The municipality denies Rotterdam making it one of their fundamental rights, "said Zwaneveld. "Namely, the right to challenge a government decision in court."

The suspension of the services provided by the municipality could mean that someone months to wait for a passport or benefit. "And such a severe measure depends on the judgment of the security department," said the Ombudsman.

Zwaneveld find the approach of aggressive men at the counter too one-sided. In its view therefore more account should be taken of the situation of the aggressor and the behavior he exhibits. "It saves a lot if you raise your voice at the counter during a call or if you threaten an official with the death. The personal circumstances may also be quite diverse: you have to deal with a desperate mother who is in financial difficulties, a psychiatric patient or someone who knowingly, by force if necessary, will get equal "?

The municipality has indicated to adjust the protocol in response to the investigation by the Ombudsman. Nevertheless, the possibility remains to suspend exist on the service. "In that part we continue to disagree," said Zwaneveld.

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