Nine tips on murder Djordy Latumahina

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2016 om 13:05

The police nine tips were received regarding the assassination of Amsterdam Djordy Latumahina, AT5 reported. On Tuesday Investigation Requested paid attention to the case.


Latumahina was shot dead Saturday in a car park in Amsterdam-West. His girlfriend was severely injured but is now out of danger. Their 2-year-old daughter, who was in the car, was unharmed.

In their hunt for the perpetrators, the police on Tuesday also gave details about the escape freely. The two gunmen fled the parking garage, and drove the Wilhelmina square off in a white Volkswagen Caddy to Wittgensteinlaan. That car was there fired after the thieves probably got into a black Seat Leon.

That black Seat flew an hour later in Hoofddorp of the road. On the Cross lost the driver probably of control and ended up in the roadside. Because of a flat tire, the car could not go and stayed behind along the way. Police suspect that the perpetrator or perpetrators there then fled on foot in the direction of McDonalds.

The police still have no idea why Latumahina was killed. "She attaches value to emphasize that so far no evidence has been found that Djordy and his family in any way whatsoever to link his to criminal contacts or activities. "

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