Wiebe under fire for departure tax scheme

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Wiebe's State Secretary (Finance) have a grip on his own Tax? That loud calls the opposition set during the debate on the 'gilt-edged' severance package that officials could fill their pockets.


Despite narrative which Wiebes Wednesday night even sent to the House, he meets Thursday in the debate with the Court on mere frown. "How did it come to this? How was it that nobody surgery? Why the House was not informed? "As fired CDA MP Omtzigt off his questions to the Minister.

The Christian Democrat recalls that ended in 2700 officials of 64 years and older the system can use "and all of them take the prize." Like D66 he demands an investigation by the NCA to the Conditions also a disguised early retirement turned so that the tax authorities had to impose a hefty additional tax to itself. Total budget exceeded 70 million.

D66 MP Van Weyenberg calls this whole state of affairs 'shocking'. he is still full of questions. "How the Tax Office can arrange such a departure scheme without the consent of the Secretary of State?" He wants to know in particular. What D66'er therefore not only to state the Tax now in receivership, but Wiebe himself. He wants the State Chamber now holds regularly informed of the doings in the tax authorities.

Also PVV'er Van Dijck concludes that "the State is clearly not the direction" had. "He trusted blindly on the control mechanisms and slept through alarm bells going." He calls it 'does not explain' to the people who dutifully pay taxes. "Waste of tax money by the State Secretary of taxes. This undermines tax morale and that is a mortal sin. The citizen gets a huge attack if he is a day late, but the Tax gives himself a gilt-edged early retirement. "

The SP believes that must still be examined whether the departure deal can not be reversed. SP MP Bashir concludes a vote of no confidence against the Secretary of State not matter.

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