"Even family members to give assistance in dying '

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2016 om 13:42

Die Aid should also be provided for non-medical and family, says the Humanist covenant Thursday in response to the proposal of the government to regulate die relief for older people who consider their lives complete.


Ministers Edith Schippers (health) wants a die worker with a medical background and a special program guides the elderly and the request to end life tests. But the Humanist Association questions whether this goes far enough.

"In practice we see all the legal options are not always used by clinicians, so people can still remain in the cold. Therefore multiple routes continue to die with dignity necessary. In addition to the proposal of the Minister shall under certain conditions, family members or non-medical attendant die be in a position to offer help, "said Boris van der Ham, president covenant.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: ANP XTRA

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