Parliament wants apology for euthanasia tweet

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2016 om 13:32

The SP refuses to offer apologies for controversial tweet on euthanasia last night.


D66 takes the posts of SP members Lilian Marijnissen and Renske Leijten stale. The socilialistische women put in their tweets include a link between the poor quality of care in nursing homes and the desire of some people to step out of life. MP Vera Bergkamp (D66) finds that the SP should make excuses, so this morning showed off a debate about nursing homes.

SP Euro-MP Leijten however reports that absolutely does not intend to be. There is indeed a link between poor care and euthanasia wishes makes them, though it may be indirect. "Let's not deny that there is a large group that says if I can not have a dignified old age, then do not do it for me anymore."

Other MPs denounced the tweets. VVD Potters calling them "disgusting." CDA, PvdA and GL showed also expressed their disapproval.

Yesterday the government revealed that it plans to design an extra euthanasia. Now it is indeed possible only for sick people to step out of life with help. They must "hopeless and unbearable suffering," the law says.

However, the government also wants people who are not sick, but suffer life itself allow for assisted suicide. These are people with a "complete life" are in practice especially seniors.

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