President Almere Al-Raza mosque inactive

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2016 om 15:47

The chairman of the board of the Al-Raza mosque in Almere, which was under fire for the closure of illegal marriages has been inactive. Under Secretary Mohamed Maksoedan he can not perform his duties until the investigation of the OM is the role of the mosque in the solemnization of marriages.


The other members of the government taking away from what happened. ,, If we give every Muslim believers advised to adhere to the laws of the Netherlands. People who do not respect this law, the application is rejected. It is our duty to alert the community to this. ''

The SBS6 program Undercover in the Netherlands sent on Sunday a report in which it was seen that the mosque would participate in illegal religious marriages.

Using a hidden camera was visible did a woman if she wanted to marry a Muslim who already had two wives. The hidden camera was the chairman of the Al-Raza Mosque clear that he wanted to contribute to such a marriage, even though he knew there was not married under Dutch law.

The Law namely stipulates that a person only at a time may be married one other person. A religious marriage may only be closed if there is a civil marriage was celebrated.

The Prosecution does "an exploratory investigation. ,, We first see if there are any offenses, "a spokesman said earlier. From persecution is no question yet.

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