Master and teacher remain busy despite measures

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Primary school teachers experienced a continued high workload. Despite the fact that tens of millions of euros are available to take the pressure off.


Master and teacher remain busy despite measures

Primary school teachers experienced a continued high workload. Despite the fact that tens of millions of euros are available to take the pressure off.

Four out of five teachers experienced the workload on the primary and high. They find that they have lost too much time with paperwork, such as tracking the pupil, allowing them to take enough time for their real job: the best possible teaching. According to research from trade union CNV Education published today.

The union is very concerned about the quality of education. Especially since the work pressure does not decrease. The same survey three years ago also showed that 80 percent of teachers workload as highly problematic experience.

Disappears help
The education union does not understand it. The past two years has just 100 million euros went to primary and secondary schools to take the pressure off, for example by being able to appoint more classroom assistants and janitors. Teachers ,, not notice that. What happened to that money? They see help in the classroom just disappear '' says chairman Loek Schueler.

The union demanded clarification from the primary schools. Sector Organization PO Council says that school boards certainly have spent some of the money on extra help in the classroom. Figures show that the support staff has increased a fraction. But, stressed the PO Council for schools is not determined exactly how to spend the 50 million per year.

Large pot
The Ministry of Education called control difficult, because the money comes into the big pot. School boards can use the money for extra help but are not required. CNV chairman Schueler thinks incomprehensible. ,, The problem a few years ago already labeled, but not resolved. This is a new cry of teachers. ''

The teachers find that they have too many tasks to get without additional hands come into the classroom, according to the CNV study. , ,, It seems that teaching became sideshow '', describes one respondent. Not only the administration takes time, also come to attend various activities and meetings in which teachers.

Pressure from parents
Moreover, 54 percent of teachers feel increased pressure from parents. They are faster when a master or teacher on the sidewalk if there is not something wrong in their eyes. ,, Parents want their child is performing excellently. Are set very high demands on the children. This also increases our workload, '' describes a teacher.

Yet the Ministry initiatives in schools sees emerged to reduce the workload. For example, event planners arrange Sinterklaas and Christmas celebrations. There are ICT solutions, for example to make it easier to check. A spokesman said: ,, Working pressure is a common and persistent problem. Unfortunately, it is not simple to solve them. We are together with schools started to cut down the rules. ''

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