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All rail passengers should adjust their morning routine about two months because the NS throws the timetable for the first time completely at loggerheads in a decade. What are the biggest changes for you?


Ten years completely upside down. What are the biggest changes for you?

With the changes promised NS shorter commutes, more trains and more direct connections. This afternoon at 12.00 the new timetable goes online, so travelers can see what changes their itinerary. Look at the map below to see the rigorous changes may affect you.

From Sunday, December 11 trains go under the new timetable. Two and a half years, NS has worked on the new schedule. All inputs and uitchecks of the OV chip cards were collected to identify the passenger flows and so from scratch to create a timetable. The result is that for 98 percent of the rating, 1.1 million people, changing the train times. The city and the regional adjust their schedules in order to maintain a good connection.


Almost all travelers will change something: small changes in departure times, duration, other routes, additional or fewer changes, to other terminals. At some stations of life for travelers much easier, because the train on which they need to continue standing on the same platform. The plans of NS can be deduced that approximately 70,000 travelers get a shorter travel time of a few minutes, but there will also be some 15,000 people over the road or have to change often.

NS available figures do not reflect the changes. ,, If there since December 11 four trains running every hour at first but two, travelers are worse off than if the trip takes a few minutes longer? Perhaps better because they have more travel options. ''

In the new timetable, some trains are faster by skipping stations. ,, So I can do it, '' Rikus Spithorst of Society responds to a better public transport. ,, Saving time trains can mean loss of time for passengers. '' According to NS will always interests of different groups of passengers weighed. If not stop all intercity more in Amsterdam to get a faster connection between the north and the Randstad.

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