Family Nicole van den Hurk wants new judges

Gepubliceerd op 14 oktober 2016 om 15:15

New judges have to come in the case of Nicole van den Hurk. That is the girl who was killed at the age of fifteen in 1995, the family. The family feels heard enough by the current judges in the case against the accused Jos G.


Thus, the court held that Nicole's half-brother Tommy and were not allowed to speak to her stepmother Nicole. ,, The defense and the prosecution were given every opportunity to make statements in the courtroom, the family did not, '' said attorney Richard Korver.

He now asks to be excused from the court. ,, The survivors find that the judge is not impartial towards them. They feel not taken seriously. ''

Job Knoester lawyer representing the accused Jos G., responded angrily to the request. ,, The survivors are not a party and only one party may make such a request. ''

Forefather Ad van den Hurk's request today was otherwise different. He may well respond to the file, but not to the lawyers of the G. Jos and the PPS.

The court today still trying to put together a challenge chamber to assess the judges.Around noon, more is known about it. If the challenge request, the three existing judges should be replaced by three new judges awarded. By this turn of the 21-year-old murder case would again be delayed.

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