Six men arrested for drug trafficking

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Six people from Rotterdam, Barendrecht and Zaandam were arrested Tuesday. In three raids on homes in the south of Rotterdam, Barendrecht and Rotterdam Ommoord police found a total of over 48 kilograms of drugs, 213 thousand euros in cash and a firearm.


Police received three homes in image suspected of where there was drug trafficking. In the first house two inmates, a mother and daughter (37 and 18), and arrested a 42-year-old fellow Dutchman. The property is indeed found to be used for drug trafficking.

Agents there were 48 kilos of cocaine and speed, 7 kilos extender and a large amount of packaging material. Due to the large amount of drugs believe the police that the suspects used as a wholesale property: not delivering to users, but to dealers.

During the search here, where among other things seized a firearm with ammunition and three cars, there man came to the door. It probably involves a customer. The 49-year-old Zaandammerplein, more than 144,000 euros had. The police took him directly for money laundering.

brand Watches
When raided a house in Barendrecht was a man (35) and arrested a 39-year-old woman.Police found here almost 60,000 Euro cash and sixteen exclusive luxury brand watches.The money, watches and cars, were seized.

The third raid was done in an office building in Rotterdam Ommoord. That action did ,, except valuable information '' no abnormalities, police said.

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