Rutte: 'Sensitive' plan die relief needs time

Gepubliceerd op 15 oktober 2016 om 12:33

"A very sensitive issue," as Mark Rutte, the plan to allow die assistance to elderly people who feel that their life is complete.


According to the prime minister calls the plan a very careful consideration and years of debate. "This is also going on in society, and a discussion that has been playing for a long time within my party." Supporters of the plan according Rutte should therefore not expect that a law will soon allowing assistance in dying. "I do not necessarily attach to the remaining five months of this coalition," said the Prime Minister.


The government intends to adopt a new law in consultation with various organizations in order to allow the die relief. Elderly people who feel that their life is completed, should be able to receive aid under strict conditions if they want to end their lives.

In the House, a majority for the plan. However, the CDA, Christian Union and SGP are opposed and have indicated that it is a breaking point for them at a cabinet formation.


In the weekly conversation with the Prime Minister Rutte also lashed out at the SP. That party explained in its response to this case a direct link with the senior staff of the Cabinet. ,, Extraordinary distasteful ", in the opinion of the prime minister.

He is referring to the reaction of Lilian Marijnissen which number three on the list of candidates of the SP. She tweeted: "The elderly is not in order, many elderly people are lonely and then terminate life easier? Worrying. "

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