Horror Clown threatens man with hammer in Zaandam

Gepubliceerd op 15 oktober 2016 om 12:26

A 21-year-old man from Zaandam Wednesday night attacked by a so-called "horror clown. The clown would have attacked him with a hammer.


Moj Deray let his dog out near his home when he suddenly had the feeling that someone was behind him. "Then I turned around and I saw something coming down on me," he tellsNH . "I looked at him and I saw a man with a mask and a hammer. I was shocked, of course, my ass off. "


Fright let the boy fall to the ground, whereupon the clown came walking toward him. The man had a scary clown mask and a hammer in his hand, which he waved menacingly. "I made fists, walked up to him and said 'come, come'. And then he turned and started to run away. "

The startled Moj called the police, but the clown was nowhere to be seen. He is very scared and does not want his mother evening the dog let out.


A 14-year-old Delft on Wednesday responded very alert him when the same thing happened, says Heart of the Netherlands . When he while walking his dog was attacked by a horror clown he continued his martial arts experience to the attacker to learn a lesson.After a few blows rattled the horror clown, he is no longer detected.

The horrowclowns provide much unrest throughout the Netherlands. A boy with a bloody mask he ran in Brabant Rosmalen screaming behind two girls on. This 14-year-old boy was later caught and sent to HALT bureau. In taking the Groningen Sappemeer different schools all measures after a horror clown had threatened on social media along to schools.

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