Party Shops careful when selling clown masks: "Do not make children afraid '

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By the coverage of horror clowns are suddenly be sold a lot of scary clown masks, Meine said Boonstra of feestwinkel Meineszlaan Bennesz. "With all the fuss they are sold out now."


It's almost Halloween and the clown masks are always popular, but now they are even at wholesale where Boonstra buys the masks, no longer available. "That's remarkable," said the party shop owner from Zwolle.

Jerry de Groot of the Feesterie Bussum clown masks also called one of the most popular attributes of the product range. "Everyone likes clowns just scary."

"You're going robbed no bank?"

Boonstra says the clown masks are particularly popular with "young teens. "Only occasionally is there between an adult if someone buys a scary mask, we always inform:. You're not crazy plan eh You're not going no bank robbery?"

Thom Mulder Groningen feestwinkel Company Mulder often checks in advance or scary masks are not used for the wrong purposes, he says. "I say it explicitly: look to what you do with this mask Do not young children afraid If you have evil intentions, you better run away..."

"You're just a loser '

Incidentally Mulder has seen sales decline of just masks the negative publicity. "In many Halloween Festivities run clown masks now forbidden . The Halloween edition of the Friday Night Skate For example, you can not participate this year with a clown mask."

Groningen party store owner can measures organizers understand, he says. "You're just a loser if you go walking around with a clown mask. I also want to be associated with the hype."

no boycott

Celebrations shop owners have no plans to remove the clown masks in the range. "Just do not," Jerry de Groot says the Feesterie smiling. "Bad publicity is publicity." Boonstra has not even had time to think about a boycott, he said. "When the masks were sold out."

Mulder has considered any ban because people who want to let others frighten the masks of him buying online. "You do not go to a party store, because it is not a party to others chase the wits."

Earlier this week, it first surfaced a horror clown in Almere . Thereafter similar clowns were also spotted in Rotterdam, Oss and Delft.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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