Bullied truck driver: "Glad I did my story '

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A few years ago he went with lead in his shoes to his work. Truck driver Tom was bullied and harassed by colleagues. By now, after psychological counseling, a lot better.


Tom (real name withheld) did Saturday at RTL Nieuws his story and the reactions are positive. "Because my voice is not distorted, I was of course recognized by family, friends and colleagues. I knew this could happen, so I was a bit nervous beforehand, but that was afterwards not necessary. Everyone welcomed and loved it tough that I've done my story in this way. "

After the weekend, Tom was immediately asked if he just wanted to get to HR. "Then I thought a while:. Oops But even there they responded positively, the director had obviously preferred that my story had not done in the media, but he understands it, he likes it that I have raised it and under.. have brought the attention. "


The company promised to tackle bullying. "There will be a piece in the internal newsletter about bullying. That this can not and we should go well with each other through the bracket. In addition, the planner who sent me nasty appjes, addressed."

Unfortunately, Tom Facebook did get some nasty comments. "Mainly from unknown people who said that I would make no friends with such an attitude, and I just have to have a thick skin."

Tom is disappointed, but has absolutely no regrets. "I am very happy that I can tell my story and that this was the result. Maybe this bullied other people also helps to talk about it."

Bullying by occupation

Tom is certainly not the only one who has to deal with bullying in the workplace. More than600,000 Dutch say they are bullied by colleagues. That's about one in thirteen people.

Varies by profession how much is being bullied. See here how it is in your sector.

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