Thugs at Aldi gathers for killer clown

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2016 om 12:32

Friday there was unrest in the Gelderland Putten by 'KillerclownPuttenErmeloxx. The comedian announced on Instagram to 22.00 as horror clown will appear at the local supermarket, and people from the neighborhood via Whatsapp together claimed a gang.


At the announced time seventy people were waiting for the killer clown. "People are suggested to assemble a gang, with their dogs wanted to take a look to take hold of the clown. It was also called the police. Which waved the first time that all away. But then at 22 hours a male or seventy was waiting on the street at Aldi, they were still watching, "said Luc Bakker Area Safe Wells opposite De Stentor .

Baker suspects that the clown was present, but without his disguise. Later in the evening he namely posted a new message on Instagram in which he said that it was a test. He thereby announced tonight that it will appear at the skate park. Or again is a gang on the ground is not yet known.


Roermond was to end Friday practice for a horror clown. Clown, people chased the wits at the National Indies Monument, turned out to be a 17 year old boy. He himself comes from Limburg place.

The clown jumped out of the berm to scare people. He was not going to work very careful, because the police caught him in the act. He stayed overnight at the police station.

Netherlands is under the spell of horror clowns. The craze will blow over from America and Australia. People go with a scary clown mask the streets to scare people. Sometimes they do so even with a knife or chainsaw.

By Editors Metro News Photo: ANP / Metro News

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