The complaints of Sushi Festival in Amsterdam

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2016 om 12:51

It should be a Sushi Wonderland, the Sushi Festival this weekend takes place in Amsterdam.


Unfortunately experienced many visitors to Saturday else: it was much too busy, the queues sometimes lasted an hour, the beer was on and there were few sushi - surely an essential ingredient in a festival dedicated to this Japanese delicacy.

Indeed, there was something not quite right, admits a spokesman for the festival across AT5. "Visitors are indeed faced with long queues. We had an afternoon visitor huge spike, so we no longer cope with the orders. We did our best, but right at the moment really something. "

The festival is Sunday again. However, many people try to get rid of their ticket on Ticket Swap after the rain complaints on social media. That while the event was sold out in no time, having had indicated more than 70,000 people to be interested in the festival and to want to be yet once had more than 10,000 people declared present. In total, the festival offers this weekend spot at 3,000 people per day.


Despite the problems the organization is not believed to have sold too many tickets. "Sushi is not a simple product, such as frying," said the spokesman, who promises improvement for the second and final day of the festival Sunday, facing AT5.


Negative reactions from visitors on Facebook will be removed by the organization. The organization has several people who put a critical message blocked. "It's all the rage on the Internet to be negative," the spokesman says about. "One negative reaction causes a chain reaction of negativity. People copy each other's story. Therefore, we have removed messages and blocked people. "

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