Plans for Limburg amusement of 727 million

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The hearts of amusement park fans will get much faster beat, a huge park full of adrenalin kicks.


But travel-loving residents of the UK can breathe freely, because the plans for the new theme park in South Limburg combines the best of both worlds.

Millionaire Jean Gilessen, also founder of amusement park Toverland, has his sights fact put on a park of 727 million, writes Looopings . That he wants to build in Brunssum, South Limburg. This makes it so accessible for everyone in the entire Benelux.


Why it is so wonderful to enjoy travel with us? In the park you will see different wonders.Gilessen she wanted to process all seven in the park, but that was a bit too ambitious. That is why he has now chosen to highlight three of the seven wonders, namely: the American Grand Canyon, the Mexican volcano Paricutin and the African Victoria Falls.

These regions divide the park and in any simulated wonderful area contains about ten attractions. If the park is a success and will be extended to the other world wonders come into play. Then Gilessen would the port of Rio de Janeiro, the aurora, Mount Everest and the Great Barrier Reef Add like.

Millionaire's been five years working to realize the plan for the largest amusement park in the Benelux. His first plan (with the seven wonders of the world) were following consultation with colleagues from Los Angeles and London unrealistic. Then there were mainly financial setbacks for the expensive project. But now there are concrete plans surfaced for the mega park.

OPEN IN 2022

These plans set out the Nature Wonderworld annually approximately 2,350,000 visitors have to take to be profitable as a business. It is now especially looking for donors to fund the plans. Beginning in 2018 should be definitively clear whether the project continues. If so, the first daredevils can in 2022 to take a seat in one of the roller coasters. On the they are already ready anyway. You can also find drawings of the park.


Gilessen has considered amends to this park on the Dutch weather. When he founded Magic Land, he took all of them, too. He would then have walked into a theme park, but when it started to rain suddenly everyone was gone. This he wanted to avoid at its own parks, so Toverland was partially covered.

Nature Wonder World also getting a covered area. You can swim in the indoor water park and there is an entertainment area, two hotels and a casino. In total, the park will occupy about 125 hectares, but initially will be 85 hectares crammed. In comparison: The Efteling - now the largest amusement park in the Benelux - has a size of 72 hectares.

By Editors Metro News Walibi Holland. Photo: Reuters

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