US Navy shows off unprecedentedly powerful Batman ship

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If Batman had a ship, so would look like. " With these words, Admiral Harry Harris proudly presented the new acquisition of the US Navy

Naamloos-3705-247.pngThe USS Zumwalt difficult by its form similar to the vehicles used by the superhero. The largest and most advanced destroyer with a price tag of around € 4 billion was taken yesterday in use.

The ship with a length of 183 meters looks striking.His angular shapes and smooth surfaces are like those of a stealth fighter. The weaponry, radar and antennas are hidden under the deck. Enemy radars will therefore save less alert.

In addition, the ship is electrically powered and is therefore quiet. The weaponry is sophisticated and seduced Secretary Ray Mabus Navy to the words: ,, It seems nothing other ships, and may things that could not another moment '.

Launch Tubes
In 2008, construction began on the ship. In December 2015 was the first open water. Then the necessary tests. Now the USS Zumwalt is operational. The most expensive destroyer of the US Navy has larger and longer rocket launching tubes than other destroyers. It can be from 80 tubes also shoot farther than the other ships.

The control of the ship is largely automated. While the USS Zumwalt is the greatest destroyer, one can on the ship with 147 male staff. That is less than in other destroyers.

By Editors AD: Photo: Reuters

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