Seller fate of 168 million terrorized by prospectors

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2016 om 14:32

The store owner in Belgium Schaerbeek where last week's winning lottery EuroMillions was surrendered, the work is made impossible. Day and night he is approached by people who want to get in touch with him through the winner.


A French person over 45 in the Brussels region won last week 168 million in the lottery and gave his winning ticket at the bookstore Serkan Mola from Schaerbeek. As the lucky guy wants to remain anonymous for many Serkans store a starting point in their search for the people of Brussels.

While Serkan liked the attention in the beginning, is the laugh now perish the operator of Librairie de l'Europe. Until the middle of the night, he is bombarded with phones and emails from people who want to ask for money to the lotterijwinnaar, but also, for example, bankers' wish to take care of the newly minted millionaire.

,, I just can not take it anymore, "sighs the now famous bookseller of our southern neighbors. ,, I take the phone anymore. I take it no more."

Yesterday morning at the crack of dawn suddenly there was a group of young people from Namur to his front door. ,, They thought I himself had won 168 million, "says the auctions seller. ,, They had seen my picture in the media and said that I was lucky. I have a family and a child, I would not be bothered more . It is unsustainable. I have already asked the National Lottery to communicate clearly not remembering that I myself am the winner and I have no contact with him. "

The winner is not just the biggest EuroMillions winner ever. The highest amount that the online lottery ever divided Europe is 190 million euros. That record is shared by a Portuguese (2014) and British (2012) winner.

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