Deaths from collapsing balcony in Angers

Gepubliceerd op 16 oktober 2016 om 14:40

Four people were killed and at least ten others wounded by a balcony of a building in the western French city of Angers last night broke off and crashed.

Naamloos-3705-260.pngThe balcony was on the third floor of the building. Some wounded are in a bad way, as has informed the University Hospital CHU Angers Sunday. None of them, however, is in danger. The wounded are all students of around twenty years.

One of the brackets to which the balcony hung has gone presumably, as local media report.Possibly this happened because too many people were on the balcony.

The balconies on the second and first floor broke through the fall of the balcony with students also declining. The building dates back to 2000.

By Editors AD: Photo: AFP

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