Error Error in Al-Bakr case

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Germany has more than 500 Islamic terror suspects in sight. If they are all addressed as if Jaber Al-Bakr becomes a disaster. ,, The minister should resign. "



The story reads like a slapstick. Protagonist's Jaber Al-Bakr (22), a Syrian refugee. A US intelligence tips the Germans that the man has turned up in a tapped telephone call: he wants to carry out an attack on behalf of IS at an airport in Berlin.

From that moment, everything goes wrong. After some searching, found his home in the East German Chemnitz. However, observing done so striking, including a clearly parked police car, not just the neighbors get it in the hole, but also Al-Bakr himself. Putting it on a walk, but because the equipment of the special SWAT team weighs less than 35 kilos, it can not be recovered.

There is also no usual 'second ring' of agents to catch a flight attempt. They'll find explosives and a bomb belt in the home.

Most wanted man

Al-Bakr, from the most wanted man in Germany, then just take the train to Leipzig. More than a thousand agents then find him. They find him, but three other Syrian refugees do. Ahmed, Mohamed and Sami, now the heroes of Leipzig ', tying it with a power cord.

Germany reacts relieved that Al-Bakr in jail, terrified to hear two days later he committed suicide. He hanged himself with his own shirt. The suicide bomber, according to the prison psychologist suicide not dangerous, and was thus treated as an ordinary criminal, without extra supervision. All the information he had about IS is thus gone up in smoke.

After some insistence gave the President of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich the CDU'er, that mistakes are made. His Justice Minister, Sebastian Gemkow, held initially insisted that everything had gone according to the rules, but still offered yesterday to apologize. ,, We were not prepared for this. Of this, we have to learn. "

There is no one quit. Typically ,, Saxony "is the hard-hitting commentary of the weekly Der Spiegel. ,, And typically CDU, do not self-critical here. This is a disgrace."

The minister has to go, the general opinion, and Tillich actually. The call for an independent investigation swells.

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