Dutch diplomat suspended after 'sex affair'

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Ron Keller (56), the Dutch ambassador to China, has recently been inactive after a secret relationship came to light. Reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.


Keller would have started a relationship with a Chinese woman who works at the Dutch Embassy in Beijing. Because it is representing a native of the country of the Netherlands, its position in one fell swoop has become vulnerable, as sources confirm the De Telegraaf.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall examine the 58-year-old representative. He was ambassador to China since last year and exercised the same function in Turkey (2013-2015), Russia (2009-2013) and Ukraine (2005-2009). Keller was previously Director General for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The economist, began his career at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. He climbed up from head of department Multilateral banks Director for External Financial Relations.

Keller married in 1991 with the Hungarian Zsuzsanna he had met a year earlier in Paris during a meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The financial institution was created to help the Eastern European countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall. ,, We got into conversation during the coffee breaks and started our own little project. In the course of this arduous and intensive sessions spread over five months, our friendship developed from coffee to love, "said the Dutch diplomat last year in a Valentine's special of the Turkish news allmagnews.com with foreign ambassadors.

Earlier secret relationship
,, Ron came to me and said, we have an official problem, "Zsuzsanna filled her husband smiling in the interview conscious that they came from an Eastern European country, and he led a western European in its never to trouble. . ,, Despite the end of the Wall, I knew professionally seen not know what to tell my superiors if they were to discover our relationship because I had a key and secret government job. that's why we heeled our relationship quiet during my mission. "

Keller shortly after their relationship had brought out, the couple married in The Hague. Their honeymoon was overshadowed by the death of Zsuzsanna's father two days later. ,, We had a wedding and a funeral in one week. It was very tough for us, "said the Hungarian retrospective.

Keller was in his own words warned by many people from his surroundings for marrying a woman from a different cultural background. ,, They said do not do it, it's very risky. Nevertheless, I followed my heart. "In the Valentine's interview, he described his wife as" a sincere and charming woman you allow yourself at home anywhere where you are. " They called him "charming, frank and loving."

'No secrets'
Asked about the secret of a long and happy marriage with Zsuzsanna replied: ,, I think you always have to be honest in every situation. It should not be hidden. "Keller said there" fully "to agree. ,, You have to share everything. If you do not then you will lose another. The secret to a long and successful marriage is to continuously be able to have to share every experience of life include with your partner. Even though it is not open 24 hours a day. That can share everything. I love playing guitar and Zsuzsanna then again come sit with me and listen. "

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