Teenager dies of cancer is "Prom King"

Gepubliceerd op 17 oktober 2016 om 15:09

Pupils from Texas have done something wonderful for their fellow students. The youth of the Harlingen High School crowned the 17-year-old Nick Peters to Homecoming King, the king of the ball. And not just: their dear classmate died in early October.


The classmates decided to honor Nick during the prom. Judi Peters, Nick's mother, toldABC News : "It was a huge surprise that so many young people have put aside their own needs. I do not know who would be king of the ball, but they have sacrificed for Nick. "


Nick's best friend Norman Torres took the crown for Nick, who could not be there anymore.During the dance with the queen of the ball felt Norman claims to be the presence of his best friend. "I knew he was there," he tells Valley Morning Star . The crown after the dance passed to Nick's younger brother Noah.


Nick had to fight against leukemia three times in seven years. In April he received a bone marrow transplant from his sister Ashley. That did not help, complications during the procedure, Nick eventually died.

During his illness, was able to bring people together, Nick explains his mother. "The beautiful gesture of his classmates is proof of the impact he has had on the people around him. His journey has brought a whole community together. "So Nick was able to create a lot of awareness for childhood cancer. "The students who elected him king of the ball, is a promise for our future!"

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